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Haven't really posted much since my "hey guys i'm gonna draw more" movement. For some reason I just end up lacking the motivation to actually get off my ass (well, on it in this case) and actually draw something out. Don't get me wrong, there's some stuff that I haven't posted here - mostly gifts and stuff to people who I, er, don't want to know about MysticalSkeleton. Sort of got me thinking about it today, but I am not really sure what motivates me. I love watching other people stream whether it's games or art or... I think I watched a boxing match once (in the loosest sense of those words) but I guess that's it. When it comes time for me to actually do something, I find myself easily distracted. I was never an ADD kid so I'm not really sure why I lose my focus so easily. Probably doesn't help that I don't like drawing in the day cause there's always constantly people, but it also sucks to draw at night cause there's not usually anybody around that I can talk to.

I guess the answer is to actually stream some to stay on point, but I've always been a bit shy when it comes to that stuff. I was absolutely terrified in school every time I had to speak in front of the class, even though I know nobody cared or was listening which is ultimately the same thing with streaming, at least for the most part. Nevermind that I talk to tons of different people every day for my job now. I feel like I should find ways to spice streams up with music or whatever even though I usually don't listen to music while I do things and if I do it's just the same couple of songs over and over again. Also, everyone mutes music on streams.

There's no real point to this journal; it's just 1AM and I am procrastinating.


United States

I commission a bunch of people cause I have a lot of characters, and I'm always looking for more. If you have any ideas or something, feel free to share.

However, if you send me a generic "commission me" note, I will ignore it. If you feel the need to ask me to commission you, at least try to come up with an idea on your own or generally try to make me feel like you didn't just send the same note to everyone you could.

It's come up a time or two, but if you want to do something with my characters feel free to. I'd love to see it! If you're iffy about something, feel free to ask!

Actual Art Question! When it comes to multiple drawings, you usually... 

9 deviants said ...prefer to finish one before starting another
2 deviants said ...will work on multiple at a time
No deviants said ...something else that's somehow neither of these


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Unidad26 Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
Nice to see another commisioner around, tons of grat things you have, the cosplay one was a surprie.
MysticalSkeleton Featured By Owner May 11, 2015
Oh yeah, definitely have gone a little overboard with it in the past. Maybe I still do a little bit. Cosplays and comics and whatever are fun cause they're different. Trying to slow down a bit and develop my own style but we'll see how it goes. I like anyone who commissions a comic!
CaschFatal Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ty for the watch!
Ragadabah Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014   Digital Artist
Thanks for the +fav La la la la
GREAT-DUDE Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Thanks 4 the watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ilianaGatto Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the watch, my friend ~ :iconbunnyglompplz:
MysticalSkeleton Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014
Of course, I've watched before so I'll watch again!
ilianaGatto Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Professional General Artist
Yes! i remember you :glomp:
SCPilot Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Happy birthday!
MysticalSkeleton Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
A late thanks!
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